Building Design and architecture are much like any other design based occupation.

Plans are made, changed, reworked, thrown out, and restarted. This occurred with our property. The 'Heritage' project has been mothballed, but it will stay on our website as a demonstration of what can be achieved on a small lot.

In it's place, we have started constructing a small workshop to the southwest corner utilising different wall and roof framing systems.

These are called 'Structural Insulated Panels' (or SIPs for short). These pre-fabricated panels replace traditional framed systems and include the structural and insulating components in one system. 

Construction is quick, they can be clad with anything you like (just like regular framing), and they have incredible thermal performance. All of this equates to a building that is easy to build and can save you money in heating and cooling.

In the current environment where timber framing is very expensive, SIPs are a good alternative to investigate to keep your project moving.

Fixing Bottom Plates to Slab
SIPs Panel Setout
SIPs Panel Install 1
SIPs Panel Install 2
SIPs Panel Install 3
Internal View
Paint Set Out
Internal Paint
Roof Panel Sealing

Important to seal all gaps to ensure airtightness.

Electrical Connection
Double Glazed Windows

Supplied by A&L Windows.

Windows Installed
Wrapped with Vapour Barrier
Electrical Conduit
Eletrical Conduit Painted
Prepainted Aluminium Skirting