As a Registered Building Design firm, we offer more than just plans. With over 17 years of experience we have clearly defined a wide range of services that are integral to ensuring the smoothest process and experience for our clients. 


1. First Contact and Quote. Providing a free quote that covers all aspects of your project based on information you provide us (the 'Brief').

2. Feasibility Study. Obtain core information about your property (from various free and fee-for-service sources) to look at the big picture, and identify what can or cannot be done.

3. Masterplanning. After confirming what is feasible, create basic plans that provide our interpretation of your brief.

4. Concept Plans. After a Masterplan is accepted, create a 3D virtual model of your project to provide a more comprehensive view of the design.

5. Townplanning. Some developments require a permit from the local council before proceeding further.

6. Design Development. Once a Concept Plan and major structural design is confirmed, prepare documents for external consultants to complete their works.

7. Prepare for Tender. Prepare all documentation for pricing by at least 3 builders.

8. Issue for Building Permit. Documentation is issued to a Building Surveyor for the purposes of obtaining a Building Permit so construction can commence.

9. Contract Administration. Provision of advice and co-ordination before, during, and post-construction.