Once a Building Permit has been issued, you are free to commence your project in co-ordination with your nominated builder.

The majority of projects proceed fairly smoothly and a quality builder will keep you informed of how the project is proceeding.

However, changes are possible after a builder has commenced their work. These changes can be at the client's request, or because the builder find something that they reasonably couldn't quote for initially (e.g. replacing additional framework due to hidden termite damage, unfavourable soil conditions during excavation etc).

These changes are called 'variations' and they must be quoted by the builder and accepted by you as the client before any new works occur. If you are uncomfortable or unfamiliar with this process, we can liaise on your behalf to ensure any information provided by the builder is valid and that the appropriate documentation has been completed. Additional Contract Administration services we offer are:

1. Updates to construction documentation where a variation requires it,

2. Liaison with external consultants for documentation updates due to variations,

3. Site visits to assess construction progress and issue reports where we feel the builder must make changes,

4. Site visits at completion to ensure the build matches the permitted drawings (including variations),

5. Post-construction site visit to look at any short term changes (i.e. one year after completion).