A Building Permit is the legal document required for registered builders to physically construct your project. There are very few exceptions to this requirement and we can help provide advice of what your project requires.

Building Permits are issued by Registered Building Surveyors (RBS) that are licensed with the Victorian Building Authority (VBA).  Information about registered Building Designers can be found here. Building Surveyors with active registrations can be found hereAn RBS will request a range of documentation from the following list in order to assess the project for compliance and issue a Building Permit. The documentation requested will vary between projects:

1. Architectural construction documentation,

2. Engineering documentation (Geotechnical, Structural, Civil, Mechanical, Hydraulics, Electrical, Fire etc),

3. Thermal Assessment,

4. Townplanning Permit (endorsed),

5. Site Survey,

6. Dial Before You Dig,

7. Copy of Title and Plan of Subdivision.

During the assessment, an RBS may request further information regarding the project. This can include, but not be limited to:

1. Clarification on particular details (from any consultant),

2. Additional documents,

3. Addition of more details or documentation.