Heritage is our home and has been an ongoing work since it was originally built in 2007. We believe Heritage is a great example of how to fit passive solar design onto small and odd-shaped sites. The original build was a classic 3-bedroom/1 bathroom cottage. In 2013 an extra bedroom, bathroom, and 5kW solar power system were added to accommodate a growing family. In 2021 the design has been updated to include an extension to the existing garage to eventually house additional utility rooms.

As we live in and use Heritage, we see how our design choices have impacted the performance and liveability of the house. This design has proven to us that you can have a nice sized, practical home whilst keeping ample outdoor and garden spaces. 

We have information to show that this house is also cheap to run with an average monthly power bill of only $80. This is despite only having single glazing and '4.5 star' insulation in the majority of the build.

In addition to the house itself, we have grown at least 17 fruit trees/plants plus vegetable gardens. These act as both providers of food with harvests for nearly 8 months of the year and strategic shading/cooling. We feel that Heritage is a testimony to practical, sustainable, yet cost effective building and landscape design. 

Heritage - Existing
Heritage - Demolition
Heritage - Proposed
Heritage 3D SouthWest
Heritage 3D NorthWest