Once all documentation is complete, we can facilitate the Tender stage on your behalf.

A 'Tender' is where your plans are issued to various builders and they offer quotes to construct your project.

Builders must be registered with the Victorian Building Authority (VBA).  Information about registered domestic Builders can be found here.  Information about registered Commercial Builders can be found here. Builders with active registrations can be found here.  We strongly discourage the use of unregistered builders to do any Building Permit related work to your property as there is a strong risk of it not been insured in the event of a mishap.

During this process, we encourage the builders to closely review the documentation and seek clarification of any matters they are unsure of. This helps to ensure they can offer a quote that has minimal scope for change. Sometimes builders will also offer suggestions for improvement based on their own experiences.

The general process for a Tender is:

1. Appropriate builders are located and issued with all relevant project documentation,

2. Builders invited to offer a quote for the project including their availability in relation to the project timeframes,

3. All quotes are reviewed by us to ensure that all parts of the project have been included in the quote. Clarification obtained where needed,

4. Negotiations are a possibility,

5. The successful builder is awarded the project and we assist with signing of the appropriate contract.